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“Living together for our future” – a CSR report of Fujitsu General with the participation of Klima-Therm

Added on: 10.12.2021
Fujitsu General Ltd. – a Japanese manufacturer of air conditioning units and heat pumps – has published a report entitled “Sustainability Report 2021 – Living together for our future”. The publication outlines the corporate mission and the CSR policy, which the company pursues, among others, thanks to its close collaboration with strategic partners, such as Klima-Therm Group, operating in Poland and Scandinavia.

“Sustainability Report 2021 – Living together for our future” is a comprehensive corporate publication addressed to Fujitsu’s business partners, clients, and employees around the world. In the report, Fujitsu General outlines its key corporate objectives and describes the assumptions of its globally implemented “Sustainable Management Basic Policy”. This concept builds on the Group’s existing mission and vision founded on the following three pillars: harmonious coexistence with the planet, social contribution, and care for employees.

The overall objective of Fujitsu General is further development through the ability to flexibly respond to dynamic changes in the organisation’s near and far environment. Through its actions, the manufacturer wishes to contribute to technological progress for the benefit of the environment and the human race to strive for a better future for us all. Fujitsu intends to achieve these goals by tightening cooperation with its strategic partners, which includes Klima-Therm Group, operating in Poland and Scandinavia.

- “The CSR report “Living together for our future” dedicates a special section to our company, which is a particular acknowledgement, especially taking into account the global character of Fujitsu General’s business.” – emphasises Ewa Pilarska, PR & Marketing Director at Klima-Therm Group. - “The publication quotes Klima-Therm Group’s CEO Daniel Jaśkiewicz on the well-established, leading position of the Fujitsu brand on the markets where our company operates as the General Distributor and exclusive representative of Fujitsu General. We are proud to find recognition for our consistently implemented activities aimed at intensifying sales and, in consequence, Fujitsu’s growing share in the market of RAC/PAC and VRF devices” – adds Ewa Pilarska.

Fujitsu’s “Sustainability Report 2021” featuring Klima-Therm Group is available at [link]. The comment of the President of the Management Board of Klima-Therm Group, Daniel Jaśkiewicz, can be found on page 44 – in the chapter dedicated to Fujitsu General’s cooperation with foreign partners in regards to product development, strengthening of the brand’s position and the dynamisation of sales of Fujitsu devices in key markets.