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Majorca with FUJITSU – the final of the 8th edition of the "Poznaj Klimat" partner programme

Added on: 06.10.2021
Several dozen of Klima-Therm's business partners enjoyed a week-long, all-inclusive getaway to the largest island in the Spanish Balearic archipelago – Majorca. This exclusive trip was a reward for the best distributors of Fujitsu devices in 2020 – the winners of the 8th edition of the sales support programme "Poznaj Klimat".

The trip to Majorca, which took place between 26 September and 3 October, was the grand final of last year's edition of the "Poznaj Klimat" programme. Klima-Therm has been successfully running the programme dedicated to authorised FUJITSU brand partners for many years now. The main prizes for which distributors compete are holidays of a lifetime to the most distant and interesting corners of the world. To date, these included trips to Japan, the USA, Brazil, Cape Verde Islands, China, Thailand, Madeira, Sicily, Gran Canaria and Jordan.

In Majorca, the winners of the 2020 edition of the FUJITSU "Poznaj Klimat" programme spent 7 days resting in a seaside hotel located just half an hour's drive from the capital of the island and one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world – Palma de Mallorca. As a result, this comfortable accommodation provided its guests with stunning views and excellent customer all-inclusive service while being an ideal base for exploring the beauty of the island. Klima-Therm's clients followed the route of the most famous vineyards during a round trip around the northern part of Majorca, up to the town of Inca – the capital of leather goods, and then took a road with 180-degree bends to the port of Sa Calobra on the north-west coast. The whole-day tour of the island was made even more attractive by a ride in a historic wooden tram to the charming town of Soller, and then by train through the famous Valley of Oranges, mountain tunnels and citrus tree groves.

– We have completed another dream getaway, and another final of the "Poznaj Klimat" programme has come to an end. Every time, we try to plan the trip so that the concept itself, as well as the programme, meet the expectations of our clients – explains Przemysław Kukowski, Deputy Commercial Director at Klima-Therm, responsible for cooperation with the nationwide network of FUJITSU distributors. – However, I have to say that the Majorca trip was a genuinely special event for us. After a year-long interval caused by the pandemic, we are finally able to reward the most active partners in our programme with attractive trips abroad. The real value of our getaways is the time spent together, which is the keystone of our relations as business partners and friends. This positive energy travelled with us to Majorca, and for that we are sincerely grateful to our commercial partners – adds Przemysław Kukowski.


"Poznaj Klimat" is a sales support programme dedicated to the indirect sales channel, which has been run by Klima-Therm continuously since 2013. The project is addressed to the network of Authorized FUJITSU Distributors and Installers. The active buyers from the company have the opportunity to take advantage of attractive promotions and a wide range of valuable non-cash prizes. The heart of the programme is a dedicated website poznaj-klimat.pl, developed by the Klima-Therm Group's programmers. In addition to providing access to up-to-date sales rankings, the website offers clients a number of additional functionalities, such as downloading technical documentation and generating online warranty cards.

March 2021 saw the launch of the 9th edition of the "Poznaj Klimat" programme entitled "Viva Mexico!". This edition centres around a dream journey to the third-largest country in North America and the cradle of many ancient cultures – Mexico.