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Nationwide FUJITSU campaign in cinemas has been launched

Added on: 14.05.2024
A campaign of Fujitsu brand air conditioners and heat pumps on the big screen was launched in May. The advertising spot "HOT.COLD.FUJITSU", distributed so far on the Internet, is now also being broadcast in a network of independent cinemas in nearly 300 cities in Poland.


This is the first campaign of the Fujitsu brand in cinemas. Its main objective is to build awareness of the Fujitsu brand in the segment of top-quality air-conditioning units and heat pumps. The HOT.COLD.FUJITSU dance creation, known from the Internet unveiling, has been adapted to the qualities of cinema and developed in Dolby 5.1 sound layer, which, combined with an attractive visual message, perfectly fits the specifics of broadcasting on the big screen.


The 30-second Fujitsu commercial will accompany major film productions during the spring-summer season. The spot's emission will cover about 340 cinemas within the reach of advertising broker KinAds - the operator of a network of modern independent cinemas with the largest territorial coverage in Poland counting presence in nearly 300 cities.


The cinema spot is a perfect complement to Fujitsu's ongoing TV sponsorship campaign from April this year. The advantages of cinema advertising include high persuasiveness and a unique atmosphere for receiving the advertising message. Thanks to its presence in the KinAds network of independent cinemas, Fujitsu's advertising will reach audiences in both large cities and smaller towns and cities.


During the holiday season, Fujitsu's presence at the cinema will be strengthened with a special project. From mid-June to mid-September, Fujitsu will be one of the main partners of the "Cinema on Sunbeds" project. - a series of more than 60 free film screenings organized in open public spaces, inviting residents and tourists to spend evenings under the stars in seaside resorts and cities in Central Poland.

See the #HotColdFujitsu spot [link].