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NEW corporate website KTG.PL

Added on: 18.08.2020
We are incredibly pleased to inform you that a NEW version of the corporate website of Klima-Therm Group was unveiled at KTG.PL. The global site has been given a new graphic design emphasizing the professionalism of the organisation, its dynamism and state-of-the-art solutions.

The KTG.PL website is a calling card of Klima-Therm Capital Group – an organisation currently comprising six affiliated companies operating in Poland and in foreign markets – Sweden, Finland, Estonia and the United States. KTG.PL provides an outline of the company’s business profile, presents individual companies belonging to the Group, and introduces us to members of the Polish Management Board.

The website also underlines the principal aspect of Klima-Therm Group’s competitive advantage, which is combining manufacturing activities under its own brands with the distribution of world-class equipment. The most critical corporate information which illustrates the robust market position of Klima-Therm Group can be found in the References section of the website and the tab dedicated to Annual Reports.

The overriding objective of the new website is to emphasize the international scale of Klima-Therm Group’s activity, with the company supplying its air conditioning and ventilation products to as many as 40 countries worldwide. Having been translated into English, the new website acts as a global business card for the company.