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NEW Fujitsu 2019/2020 Price List (Polish market only)

Added on: 29.05.2019
We are pleased to inform you that starting with 1 June 2019, a new 2019/2020 Price List for Fujitsu Split and Multi Split units will apply. The Price List concerns the Polish market only.

With the publication of the new Price List comes the launch of new Fujitsu air conditioners, which include wall-mounted, cassette, and ducted units as well as Multi Split systems using the ecological R32 refrigerant with a low GWP of 675. Ecology and care for the natural environment are aspects which define the new range of Split and Multi Split units by Fujitsu.

New arrivals for 2019/2020 include the Fujitsu Split wall-mounted air conditioner from the KPCA series. The KPCA series belongs to the ECO line of standard units, which guarantee a high standard of comfort. This is mainly the result of their high energy efficiency of class A++ for cooling and A+ for heating, confirmed by the SEER and SCOP ratings. As the units are very quiet – only 22 dB(A) – they can be installed in any room, even in such a demanding environment as the bedroom. The air conditioner can be additionally equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi communication module, which enables the user to remotely control the air conditioning system through a dedicated mobile application FGLair.

Another new arrival in the Fujitsu's product portfolio, which also uses the environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant, is the cassette unit from the KRLB series. This series is unique for its use of a round flow grille and a presence sensor (optional), which allows the KRLB cassette units meet the highest standards on the market in relation to comfort and energy efficiency. Individual control of each louver allows to adjust the airflow to the specific conditions in the room, and the circumferential air flow eliminates the phenomenon of so-called dead zones and significantly improves air circulation. Moreover, the high energy efficiency class of A++ in cooling and A+ in heating, combined with the wide range of operating temperatures, make this unit suitable for use as a heat pump for heating purposes.

The Fujitsu 2019/2020 Price List is valid from 1 June 2019 until further notice or until the introduction of a new Price List.
It refers to the Polish market only.