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NEW: Fujitsu 2019/2020 Product Catalogue [Polish Market]

Added on: 19.06.2019
The new Fujitsu product catalogue is now available. The latest publication presents all available air conditioning solutions from the Japanese manufacturer, such as Split and Multi Split units, VRF systems, and air-to-water heat pumps. There have also been some new products prepared for the 2019/2020 season.

One combined catalogue replaces the previous publications which were published separately for Split/Multi Split/ATW systems and separately for Airstage VRF systems. All Klima-Therm clients will now have access to a combined catalogue comprising comprehensive technical and product information on the full range of Fujitsu solutions. The use of the printed version of the catalogue is facilitated by the table of contents options which are accessible from the edge of the page and which relate to particular product groups and chapters.

In addition to its altered design, the new catalogue also comprises a series of new product arrivals prepared by Fujitsu for the 2019/2020 season.

The range of Split units now includes new air conditioner models which use the R32 refrigerant – amongst them a series of wall-mounted KPCA devices which belong to the ECO line of standard units, and which guarantee a high standard of comfort. Within the available cassette models, two new series which use the R32 refrigerant are particularly worth of note: KVLA compact units – which can be installed in suspended ceilings 600x600, and KRLB units with circumferential air flow and a presence sensor. Both series boast a high energy efficiency class of A++ in the cooling mode and A+ in the heating mode.

One of the new features of Fujitsu Airstage VRF systems is a unique type of indoor unit with cooling capacities of 5.6 and 7.1 kW – a one way 3D Flow cassette unit, i.e. a cassette unit with a one-way air outlet, but with additional rotating heads for more efficient airflow in the room, which translates into shorter operating time and, consequently, lower energy costs. The J-IIIL system has been expanded to include a new 18HP outdoor unit which allows for a series of units ranging from 22.4 kW and 50 kW.

The ATW Fujitsu heat pumps will now also include a series of Super High Power heat pumps designed for medium-sized commercial buildings or residences – in single and three-phase versions, with or without a cylinder, with capacities ranging from 15kW to 17kW, and with a cooling function. Thanks to a scroll compressor, the new heat pumps can produce circulating water of up to 60oC, while maintaining high energy efficiency levels of the system, starting at -20oC and without the need to resort to an electric heater.

The new Fujitsu 2019/2020 Product Catalogue in PDF format can be downloaded from the Klima-Therm website <link>. Fujitsu’s technical and commercial advisers, as well as representatives of the dealer network, will soon start to distribute the printed version of the catalogue.