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NEW Fujitsu Product Catalogue

Added on: 23.08.2022
The new Fujitsu product catalogue is now available. The publication provides information on a full range of Split, Multi Split, and VRF air conditioning systems, as well as air-to-water heat pumps available as part of Klima-Therm’s 2022–2023 product range.


The latest product catalogue comprises an essential and complete overview of Fujitsu air conditioning, heating and ventilation solutions dedicated to both commercial and domestic use. To facilitate the use of this incredibly comprehensive catalogue, its several hundred pages have been divided into separate product categories, for example, into Split, Multi Split, VRF or heat pump sections. Such a division makes it much easier to choose the desired system and quickly access detailed technical information. A separate chapter is devoted to control systems and optional accessories. The publication closes with useful information on the available technical support tools.


The Fujitsu catalogue, which is the Japanese manufacturer’s main publication containing product information, is brimming with a wide range of novel solutions prepared for the 2022–2023 season. One of them is the Airstage VRF V-IV system, which is adapted to the current needs and requirements for variable refrigerant flow systems in terms of energy efficiency. The Fujitsu range has also been expanded to include the new Multi Split 2-5 (from two to five units). The system uses the ecological R32 refrigerant with a low GWP, which meets the applicable requirements for greenhouse gas emissions. The manufacturer has also upgraded the Split R32 air conditioning units, lowering their refrigerant charge. VRF systems have been provided with a new UTY-DCGYZ2 central controller with the ability to individually set and monitor up to 100 indoor units. Another new addition to the catalogue is the functional and intuitive wired remote controller with touch panel UTY-RNRYZ5, dedicated to both Split/Multi Split and VRF systems. These are only some of the new additions to control systems – in 2023, Klima-Therm will launch a brand-new mobile app for air conditioning unit control.


We hope that you will take a look at the new Fujitsu 2022–2023 Product Catalogue, and in the event of any queries, make sure to contact one of Klima-Therm’s technical and commercial advisers operating across Poland:

• Representatives of the Fujitsu dealer network and Fujitsu nationwide sales network