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New Fujitsu Product - KG Series - received Good Design Award 2017

Added on: 30.10.2017

Fujitsu KG, a new series of Split Inverter RAC type air conditioners produced by the Japanese company, won the Good Design Award 2017 in prestigious competition organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. This attractive and stylish Fujitsu product comprises the excellent and highest in its class capacity parameters, R32 eco refrigerant and multiple functionalities improving the comfortable use of air-conditioning devices. KG series will join the KLIMA-THERM offer in November and it will be covered by the 10 years long warranty.



After the LT/LU series, it is the second time when Fujitsu air conditioners receive the Good Design Award. In this prestigious Japan Institute of Design Promotion competition, products are evaluated based on their ergonomics, functionality, advancement of used technology and modern design. The newest Fujitsu KG series of Split Inverter RAC type air conditioners has been valued for the synergy between the achieved operational parameters and the modern design which perfectly tones in the modern residential interior. In justification for awarding the prize, the jury board especially pointed out the housing of air conditioner which was designed based on straight vertical and horizontal lines and “flattening” the front section of the device while rounding its corners. This original and slender design provides the whole module with a natural lightness.

Stylish housing with only 215 mm is not the only distinguishing feature of the KG series. A series of devices in 4 sizes, i.e. 07/09/12/14, with nominal cooling capacity between 2.0 and 4.2kW, contains the latest technological developments of the Fujitsu General concern. These high performance and energy efficient air conditioners operate based on environmentally friendly, new R32 refrigerant. They are dedicated generally to apartments and single-family houses but they will also work well in small offices or retail outlets. The devices include the diffuser of a special design, large diameter cross-flow fan and high-efficiency hybrid heat exchanger, generating high SEER / SCOP ratios up to 8.5 / 5.1, which puts the KG series in the A+++ energy efficiency class. Air-conditioning user will certainly value the functional advantages of the device, such as a very low noise level (from 19dB for 07/09/12 models), built-in presence sensor and the WiFi option which allows to control the air conditioner by the means of mobile devices or computers.

– Excellent parameters closed in attractive, stylish form – this can be the shortest description of the new Fujitsu air conditioners – says Ewa Pilarska, PR&Marketing Director in KLIMA-THERM Group and adds – Fujitsu General consistently works on the brand design, closely watching the market needs and following the newest design trends. All these can be seen in the KG series. Fujitsu philosophy relies on providing technologically advanced, tested and reliable products with design perfectly matching the surrounding space. Air conditioner cannot be an unfamiliar object in the room. Its style should naturally and harmoniously adapt to each interior.

Prestigiously awarded with The Good Design Award 2017, Fujitsu air conditioners of Split type KG series will come onto the Polish market in November by the agency of the brand’s General Distributor in Poland – KLIMA-THERM. Devices will be covered by the longest producer’s warranty on the market which will be 10 years long. Fujitsu Split updated brochure of air conditioning systems is available under the link: