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NEW Fujitsu products – IV generation of VRF Airstage systems; 20 new models. Remote management system

Added on: 15.06.2020
Fujitsu has expanded its range of J and V series of VRF systems dedicated to commercial applications. As early as in June, the IV generation of Airstage units will be available for sale in Poland, comprising 15 new models from the J series designed for small and medium-sized service, commercial and office buildings, and 5 units from the V series with heat recovery (VR), designed for large buildings. Another new addition to the Fujitsu 2020/2021 product range is the AIRSTAGE Edge Controller with a touch panel, which employs cloud technology to offer a number of additional features optimising the operation of the VRF system.

The new version of the J series – units considered as mini-VRF systems and represented by the J-IV S, J-IV and J-IV L models – offers greater design flexibility and easier installation. This is made possible thanks to the industry’s smallest, compact and lightweight outdoor units. The Airstage J-IV S and J-IV units use an advanced control system that renders them capable of operating under higher static pressure, providing better air conditioning performance – even when the outdoor unit is installed in a tight space limited by a balcony railing or an adjacent wall. Moreover, the J-IV S and J-IV systems are characterised by a modified design of the heat exchanger of the indoor units, which translates into a broader model range, with diverse cooling and heating capacities. In all the models in the J-IV S, J-IV and J-IV L series, a single outdoor unit can drive more indoor units than competitive devices – up to 42 units for the 18 HP unit from the J-IV series. In this way, the new Fujitsu models offer even greater flexibility in designing solutions for hotels, offices or medium-sized commercial buildings, where most rooms have their own indoor units. The IV generation of Fujitsu mini-VRF systems also equals intelligent refrigerant control that enables finer temperature control of airflow from the indoor unit for even greater air conditioning comfort – without the room getting too cold or too hot.

The VRF Airstage systems which come in the new VR-IV model range with heat recovery meet a number of requirements applicable to air conditioning solutions intended for large facilities. First and foremost, they can provide partial air conditioning in a building, if the combined capacity of connected indoor units corresponds to only 25% or more of an outdoor unit’s capacity – and not the minimum 50 % of combined capacity, as in previous models. Similarly to the new J-IV series models, a single outdoor unit from the VR-IV series can handle more indoor units than a previous generation model, offering greater flexibility in the design of facilities. Outdoor units from the VR-IV series, whose rating capacity ranges from 8 HP to 16 HP, can drive a maximum of 17 to 34 indoor units. In addition, multiple units can be daisy-chained – for example, three 16 HP outdoor units can be daisy-chained to drive up to 64 indoor units which are connected to them. Finally, similarly to the J-IV series, the new Fujitsu Airstage VR-IV models allow for more accurate airflow control from the indoor unit to provide a more comfortable room environment as a result.

The 2020/2021 Fujitsu product range will be further enhanced by a novel solution in innovative control of VRF systems. The AIRSTAGE Edge Controller with touch panel UTY-DSGYZ1/ UTY-DSGGZ1 (also available without the LCD in early 2021), once connected to the system with the working name of Airstage Cloud, will become a tool for remote monitoring and diagnostics of the VRF system’s operating parameters, including ongoing detection of refrigerant leaks, maintenance prevention, energy consumption calculation in conjunction with weather forecasting – this is just one part of a wide range of integral features of this new controller. AIRSTAGE Cloud is an interface between the AIRSTAGE Edge Controller and the user panel by means of centralised management and business solutions based on cloud technology. This concept is perfectly compatible with the development notion for modern building design. This is because, technical resources, including broadly understood monitoring and technical supervision, are increasingly more often transferred to cloud space. These are often remote services, provided by third parties, giving the user the ability to monitor and collect information from multiple buildings. The Fujitsu AIRSTAGE Edge Controller provides comprehensive connectivity with both conventional (analog) outputs/inputs as well as the full scope of digital communication. Airstage Cloud facilitates air conditioning management and allows to minimise operating costs. Crucially, thanks to the AIRSTAGE Edge Controller, the remote monitoring of the VRF system’s parameters has become possible without additional diagnostic elements such as the Web Monitoring Tool or Service Tool. Once configured, remote access is available for use at any time and from any place on earth via a web client. This is a significant saving both for installers/maintenance companies and for the investors themselves, who will receive the necessary support faster and at a lower cost.


You can find detailed technical information about the new Fujitsu VRF Airstage models in our Catalogue [link]

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