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New Fujitsu publications: cassette units and Waterstage heat pumps

Added on: 06.04.2020
We are pleased to announce the availability of a new product brochure on Fujitsu cassette air conditioning systems. The brochure provides an overview of the current product portfolio (2020). Moreover, the brochure on Waterstage heat pumps has been updated to include information on new units which use the ecological R32 refrigerant.


Specially prepared for end customers, a new brochure on cassette units has been added to the available selection of Fujitsu mini-folders. The key feature of this product series is the circumferential and wide air flow, which ensures comfortable air conditioning throughout the room. The units are perfect for banquet halls, conference rooms, restaurants and open space offices. In addition, the cassette units may be fitted with a white or black grille cover – in harmony with the interior design. The folder contains the full range of Fujitsu units available in 2020. The brochures also contain tables detailing technical parameters of the systems – covering as many as 50 devices.




The folder on Waterstage solutions has been updated with 6 new heat pumps that comply with the latest European standards relating to energy efficiency and environmental protection. The material contains important information about the Clean Air Programme, which may be of interest to customers who are planning to conduct the thermal modernisation of their homes, offices or service premises.



We hope that you will become acquainted with these latest publications and contact the representatives of the Fujitsu dealer network for more information.


To receive detailed information on how to choose the most optimal solution, the installation method, and the price of the units, including the installation service, please contact the Fujitsu Authorized Distributors – a list of our partners can be found by clicking the link.