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NEW information materials about Klima-Therm by Clint products

Added on: 26.06.2019
Klima-Therm has prepared several new publications concerning the current range of devices manufactured by the Italian brand Clint – energy-saving chilled water systems which use new, ecological refrigerants with a low GWP.

The key publication about Klima-Therm by Clint systems is the 2019/2020 Product Catalogue, which includes all new arrivals, the new environmentally friendly refrigerants, as well as brand-new accessories. The newly launched Klima-Therm by Clint line is described in a compact form in the Product Overview. In the 2019/2020 season, the primary focus of the Clint brand is its new line of chillers which use the R452B refrigerant with GWP of 676 and ODP of 0. It should be noted that the R452B refrigerant with a low GWP is an ecological solution which guarantees additional points in the LEED green building certification – so it is an important benefit of Klima-Therm by Clint products. The new Clint series includes models with the capacity ranging between 50 and 1500 kW, with scroll compressors.

The second group of recent publications dedicated to the Clint brand includes two brochures on the current topic of new, environmentally friendly refrigerants, which are a response to the ongoing legislative changes in the European Union aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and the use of F-gases. The first publication – Product Booklet – is a presentation of new, low GWP refrigerants, i.e. R452B, R513A, R1234ze (HFO), which are used in Klima-Therm by Clint chillers. The second, more specialised publication – Guide For Designers And Installers – is a compendium of knowledge on the characteristic features and properties of new refrigerants, installation and maintenance issues, as well as legal aspects.

The latest publications of Klima-Therm by Clint are available for download in PDF format from www.klima-therm.pl. Klima-Therm technical and commercial advisers will be responsible for distributing the printed version of the catalogues and brochures.

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