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NEW PUBLICATION: Overview of chilled water systems

Added on: 03.08.2023
Our latest publication discusses the available solutions from the category of Klima-Therm by Clint chilled water systems.

The new publication is a review of products included in the Klima-Therm by Clint range. The publication showcases the available models and the size range of chiller units and heat pumps intended for installation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The chiller portfolio is supplemented by devices such as rooftop units, condensing units and fan coil units.

The latest publication on the Klima-Therm by Clint range, thanks to its cross-sectional approach, provides a quick overview of the chiller unit systems, together with information on the technology, refrigerants with a low global warming potential and key parameters.

We hope you enjoy reading our latest compendium of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products from the Klima-Therm by Clint range!