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"Nordic Adventure": In Scandinavia with the Klima-Therm Group

Added on: 20.06.2018

In June, the Klima-Therm Group invited 60 air-conditioning and ventilation designers for a joint 3-day trip to the north of Europe. Busy programme of the “Nordic Adventure” event included a stay in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, and in the Swedish city of Malmö.


“Nordic Adventure” participants, accompanied by representatives of Klima-Therm and Klimor, discovered the charms of Sweden and Denmark during a three-day trip. Among the many points on the map, there were two main destinations: Copenhagen and Malmö, two cieties connected by the world's longest border bridge over the Sound Strait. A boat trip turned out to be an interesting form of visiting Copenhagen; its route led through narrow canals, under low bridges and guaranteed views resembling a little Venetian and a little Amsterdam landscapes. Another attraction of the Danish part of the journey was a visit to the Old Carlsberg brewery established in 1847. Apart from tasting, participants could find out how “probably the best beer in the world” is prepared. From Copenhagen the group travelled to the south of Sweden, to Malmö, where a walk through the historic Gamla Staden district to its most atmospheric, nightlife vibrant locations around Stortorge and Lilla Torg squares was a key part of the programme.


– Two culturally interesting countries, three intensive days spent on a travel and 10 points on the map of attractions – “Nordic Adventure” in short – says Ewa Pilarska, Head of Marketing & PR Department in the Klima-Therm Group. - We aimed to organize an event at the highest level, including the program which was set to provide our clients with as many positive impressions as possible and give them pleasure of discovering new, interesting places, she adds. I have a good impression that this goal has been achieved more than adequately, as evidenced by the satisfaction of the participants and many positive opinions they sent us. We couldn't get a better review, the more so because the atmosphere during the trip was really special and we will think back to it for a long time.

Recurrently organized events for HVACR system designers are a regular part of the Klima-Therm Group's marketing plan. This year direct meetings with customers were based on several trips with an extensive programme of attractions and exclusive setting. New edition of meetings with our customers was inaugurated in May with two events: “Academy of Femininity and Beauty”, which was dedicated to all female industry representatives, and the June’s “Nordic Adventure” expedition was a project addressed to a male group of designers cooperating with Klima-Therm and Klimor.