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Air conditioning configurator

Air conditioning configurator

The VDT water separators, in conjunction with dehumidifiers from the AB series, provide unparalleled efficiency for professional dehumidification of insulation and walls, using the suction method.


The VT2 water separator is equipped with a high-quality wastewater pump, which is also used in industrial applications. The special pump allows the VT to be used exclusively as a ?water suction device?. The VT2?s electronic self-levelling function switches the unit off before the water is pumped out and then back on again as soon as the built-in water container is emptied.


The sealed housing of the unit enables its immersion in water up to 30 cm deep. Thanks to the perfectly hygienic installation, cleaning can be carried out extremely easily and thoroughly. Two quick-release safety catches provide easy access to the interior of the units. A drain plug in the foot of the unit allows any remaining water to drain off.


A compressor connected to a water separator sucks air and water out of the building's insulation. Thanks to the special design, water accumulates in the distributor until the integrated liquid level sensor switches off the side-channel compressor. At this point, the condensate pump is switched on, which drains the water from the VT2 separator through a drain hose. If the water level in the separator drops below 1 cm, the compressor will switch on again and run until the next pumping phase.

  • High-performance wastewater pump
  • High quality materials
  • Compact design
  • Side-channel compressor
  • Dehumidification of walls
  • 2-year warranty
Side channel compressor in sound-absorbing casing, VP6
Technical specifications




230V / 50Hz

Maks. wydajność pompy


Wysokość podnoszenia

7 m




18 kg

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