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Racing Unit 2021 – Klima-Therm Group starts a season of events

Added on: 21.06.2021
A day brimming with sporting passion at the Autodrom Pomorze racing track and adrenaline-inducing controlled manoeuvres in cars with several hundred horsepower – all this with the participation of our special guest – the celebrated racing driver, Jakub Przygoński. This is how Klima-Therm Group, after a break of more than a year as a result of a countrywide lockdown, initiated a season of special events dedicated to its clients.

“Racing Unit 2021” is a new formula of events addressed to a group of key customers cooperating with Klima-Therm and Klimor. The nationwide series of a dozen or so events and car tournaments organised on professional test tracks began at Autodrom Pomorze located in Pszczółki near Gdańsk, on 17 June. The opening event featured a Polish rally and drifting driver Jakub Przygoński – an accomplished racer, a Polish champion and a multiple vice-champion in racing cross-country motorcycles.

- Events are one of our favourite tools for strengthening relations with our clients – explains Ewa Pilarska, PR & Marketing Director at Klima-Therm Group, and adds: - Thanks to our shared experiences and unforgettable emotions, we are able to get to know our clients even better. It makes me very happy that after a long break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are one of the first in our industry to start organising events. The unique nature of this event is best highlighted by Jakub Przygoński’s celebrated involvement in the inauguration of the “Racing Unit 2021” series – it was an excellent beginning, especially since the calendar of this famous driver is packed to the brim.

Klima-Therm Group’s event series, taking place at the largest racing tracks in Poland, will include training practices in driving sports cars on the racing track, off-road and on the skid pan course. One of the highlights of the fleet of super-fast cars supplied for the events is Toyota Yaris GR Sport with a four-wheel drive and a 261 HP engine, which accelerates to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds. The highest level of safety of the “Racing Unit 2021” events is guaranteed by professional automotive instructors accompanying the participants.