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Record half-year results of the Klima-Therm Group!

Added on: 09.07.2019
The turnover of 203 M PLN is the Klima-Therm Group’s result for the first half of 2019. It confirms the Company’s strong leading position in Poland, and reflects the its successful intensive development on export markets.


Record revenues this year are largely a consequence of the well-thought, consequently implemented business strategy that assumes Company development through investments, increase in production capacity, and strengthening of own brands both in Poland and on foreign markets.


After the first six months, the Group has recorded total turnover at the level of 203 M PLN, which means 39% increase year-to-year. In Poland, the Company can boast sales of 139 M PLN, and the growth dynamics of 36%. The more spectacular is Klima-Therm Group’s success on foreign markets; principally in Europe and North America, where it improved its result by 48%.


Both production and distribution activities of the Group have contributed to the result.


We are pleased to sum up the first half of 2019, which we closed with a significant growth versus the first half of 2018. This would not have been possible without the trusted Partners we have cooperated with for years, as well as the efforts of our qualified Employees, comments Daniel Jaśkiewicz, President of the Board at Klima-Therm Group, adding: I am pleased with the fact that our long and hard work on building our leading brands has translated into the trust of the Clients, and as a consequence in gradual growth of sales – both in the area of commercial investments and in the small home appliances sales channel.In the premium brand segment, namely Fujitsu and Klimor, we have recorded a two-digit increase, namely at the level of HVACR dynamics, whereas in the case of our young brand Kaisai, operating in the economy segment, we are growing faster than the market, closing this half-year with an increase of several hundred percent.


Klima-Therm’s use of the favourable market situation and further plans of intensifying flag brand sales in all major market segments provide for an optimistic forecast regarding the end-of-year results.