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?ROYAL ADVENTURE - DISCOVER THE ADVENTURE?: KLIMA-THERM implements sales support program.

Added on: 01.03.2013

KLIMA-THERM S.A. has launched a sales support program aimed at Dealers and Installers within the air-conditioning branch, who will make active purchases of FUJITSU products during the Program duration, in between March 1st and December 31st.


The Program objective, alongside strenghtening the Fujitsu market position across Poland, is to support current activities and sales of the above brand products at Authorized Distributors. The goal is also to boost further distribution among Installers and end Customers.


The Program’s name ‘ROYAL ADVENTURE - discover the adventure!” is a prologue of an attractive main prize – ‘journey of a lifetime’ to Jordan or Morocco. Each participant will also get a chance to win a bunch of different prizes including the ones valued the most ie. the ones aiding the development of own businesses – ‘pro-business’ prizes.


A user-friendly Internet platform www.poznaj-klimat.pl has been prepared within the ‘ROYAL ADVENTURE’ program, which will constitute the basic Program means of communication. Program participants will find there all necessary information, both on the principles of purchase rewarding, prizes themselves, and an up-to-date ranking position as well. It is worth mentioning that the Program envisages within its duration additional promotional campaigns on selected products from the company’s commercial offer. It will enable the program participants to receive a bonus amount of points at various purchases.


The program that we have created is currently, in our opinion, the most effective sales support tool which shall reinforce the market position of our Sales Partners. I am well aware that its efficiency relies heavily on the concept and proper organization. All key elements of the Program have been formed with greatest care, which, in result, hopefully, will translate into the Program success – said Ewa Pilarska, Marketing and PR Manager at the KLIMA-THERM GROUP.


By applying unique motivational tools, each registered Program participant will embrace a real chance to challenge for attractive prizes, and will also have an opportunity to join the pool of the main prize winners – on the basis of even and fair competition. To encourage everybody to join the program, KLIMA-THERM added a great facility for all participants to enjoy within the method of purchase registration. Thanks to the integration of the Internet platform comprising an advanced sales management system introduced all across the KLIMA-THERM group, all transactions will be automatically generated and recorded on the individual Distributor’s account. Installers will also experience a friendly form of registration enabling easy (almost intuitive) evidence of transactional data.


The ‘ROYAL ADVENTURE – discover the adventure!’ is more than just a common program to collect and exchange points for prizes. It is a real chance and realistic perspective for all active program participants to take part in a unique and extraordinary journey – ‘the journey of a lifetime’ – claims Ewa Pilarska.