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Sales Department of KLIMA-THERM Group visits FUJITSU production facility in Japan

Added on: 08.05.2017

It was between 23rd and 29th April this year when the winners of the company competition organized for the sales department of KLIMA-THERM Group went on a trip to Japan. The major point of the itinerary was a visit to the FUJITSU production facility located in Kawasaki which is a research and development centre of the company as well. The trip also constituted a marvelous opportunity to discover the beauty of the Country of the Rising Sun combining modernity, tradition and extravagance.


The week-long trip to Japan was the first prize in the competition organized for all salesmen of KLIMA-THERM and KLIMOR. In order to take part in the trip each salesman had to meet their individual sales target in the last two years. In this way a group of 38 ‘Best of the Best’ received a unique chance to visit the main headquarters of FUJITSU as well as see the greatest attractions of the 10th biggest country in the world situated on a narrow chain of West Pacific islands at the East Coast of Asia.

The abundant itinerary of the trip started off in Tokyo – the capital city of Japan, where the participants visited the most characteristic districts of the city – the colourful Harajuku, the elegant Ginza and the entertaining Kabukicho. The second important point of the trip was the historical city of Kioto where our salesmen went by Shinkansen – the hyper-fast train. In Kioto the travelers saw the famous Todaiji temple, the Nijo-jo castle listed in the World Heritage of UNESCO and they had a bicycle trip around the bamboo forests o Arashiyama.

A visit of KLIMA-THERM Group’s representatives to the FUJITSU Headquarters in Kawasaki was a substantial accent of the stay in Japan. The production facility is located next to a research and development centre being the key R&D centre of the entire concern. The facility has been equipped with, among other things, a 60m2 pressure tower for testing level difference, an echoless chamber for acoustic measurements, a station testing the level of electromagnetic wave radiation as well as their influence on the environment and a laboratory testing all key device operation parameters.

The trip to Japan, which was a kind of a motivational tool, has left the participants with lots of positive feelings and unique emotions as well as expanded their knowledge concerning FUJITSU, the major assets of the brand as well as the biggest strengths of the product.