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Software Asset Management (SAM) in KLIMA-THERM Group

Added on: 09.06.2015

KLIMA-THERM Group has implemented an advanced computer system solution in the field of software management - Software Asset Management (SAM). The implementation confirmed with a SAM license compliance certificate has been carried out with support of Auditoria – an Authorized Microsoft Partner.


The extensive network of KLIMA-THERM branches including 18 offices in Poland requires efficient resource management including the computer system infrastructure. In order to guarantee complete legal and technological security as well as to optimize software costs and increase data security, the company decided to implement the Software Asset Management project (SAM). SAM is a several stage process mainly consisting in verification and optimization of IT infrastructure and implementation of consistent software asset management policy. The implementation of SAM in KLIMA-THERM defines brand new standards for modern IT systems in the HVACR trade in Poland.

- Nowadays it is extremely difficult to imagine a successful company without support of an efficient IT environment. Its optimal adjustment to the organization’s needs as well as efficient control over born outlay still remain one of the key issues. Looking for an auditor of software legality we paid special attention to subjects whose experience would guarantee high quality of a carried out process – says Mr Daniel Jaśkiewicz, Chairman of the Board of KLIMA-THERM S.A.

Auditoria, an experienced Partner of Microsoft in the field of SAM in Poland, was selected to carry out the process. The project was divided into three stages. At the beginning complete verification of software license compliance was performed. The next stage consisted in inspecting company procedures and processes regarding planning, purchases, implementations, management and software withdrawal. The final stage of the project included consultancy in the field of migration of a certain part of services (Exchange, Sharepoint) to Office365.

- For me, as a person supervising the audit performance, the time of the entire process as well as conducting works in such a way that they do not interrupt the continuity of business operation were of the essence which was fully accomplished thanks to the experience of the auditing company - comments Mr Andrzej Wójtowicz, IT Director - Due to the implementation of a comprehensive software management and optimal use of group licenses we have come to a point at which we can continuously monitor the applied applications and carefully adjust the number of licenses to the actual demand. We have gained full control over our IT resources and do not bear costs related to unused software. I am more than convinced that the implementation of SAM processes and further KIMA-THERM investments made in the field of modern technologies will prove to be a mainspring in business development and will streamline the process of gaining even more advantage over our competitors.


Among many benefits resulting from the carried out implementation, KLIMA-THERM draws special attention to elements streamlining SAM processes, business and legal risk minimization as well as gaining knowledge and tools for even more efficient IT resource management.

- We are pleased that KLIMA-THERM SA appreciates advantages resulting from appropriate software asset management. On one hand it is a sign of the company Board’s responsibility and on the other hand an example of a good practice protecting the organization from the risk stemming from the usage of not registered software or costs resulting from the lack of optimization in the field of software management. Experience shows that it constitutes significant support for each organization and increases its competitiveness potential. It is not without the significance that it sets the company as a positive example of business ethics defining positive market standards– summarizes Mr Marcin Wojna, the Chairman of Auditoria, a Partner of MICROSOFT Poland.


On 6th March 2015 KLIMA–THERM S.A. received a SAM certificate which confirms software license compliance and the implementation of management policy.