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SolarCool. An innovative solar installation for HVACR systems in the offer of KLIMA-THERM

Added on: 22.06.2016

KLIMA-THERM is introducing an Energy-saving solution supporting the operation of the HVACR system into its offer. The patented technology of SolarCool, developed in the United States of America, enables gathering solar energy and using it in a cooling system in order to reduce electric energy demand of the compressor maintaining maximum efficiency of the unit’s operation which significantly increases savings in energy amounting to 70%.

The innovativeness of SolarCool technology, which has been subject to international patents, consists in efficient usage of solar radiation – a renewable energy source - in a cooling system. SolarCool reduces energy demand of a HVACR system thus contributing to significant savings and reduced operational costs concerning a particular installation. What is important, the unit operates with its maximum possible capacity enabling energy savings amounting to 70%.


The main element of the SolarCool installetion is a solar panel which absorbs UV radiation emitted by the Sun and heats the cooling agent.
- As a result of this reaction conventional energy demand of the HVACR system is reduced as compressors start to work under lower load. Because of increased kinetic energy of gas elements major part of the pressure generated as a result of additional heat is released by means of increasing the stream of the mass cooling agent. Due to that a SolarCool technology based unit operates with its maximum efficiency with considerably reduced electric energy demand – explains Mr Paweł Deska – a Vice Technology Director in KLIMA-THERM Group. - It should be emphasized that the key factor affecting the shape of the entire process is the intensity of radiation and not ambient temperature. The more intensive UV radiation occurs, the higher temperature of cooling agent and the energy efficiency rate of the HVACR system is obtained reaching up to 70% - he adds.

SolarCool is a complete solution which finds its application in various cooling systems. It can be used as a supplement for most already existing split, multi split and VRF systems operating in both – cooling and heating modes, ice water aggregates, condensers as well as cooling and heating systems. The major benefits obtained from the application of the SolarCool technology are savings in operational costs of regarding a particular cooling system. According to SolarCool International – the system manufacturer with its seat in Great Britain, a SolarCool installation cooperating with a cooling system with the power of 1MW is able to guarantee energy savings amounting to 100,000 kWh within only a two-month’s perspective.

- SolarCool is currently revolutionizing the previous concepts of energy-saving and efficiency regarding HVACR systems. It is an innovative product which is undoubtedly going to improve the competence of KLIMA-THERM Group in the field of providing state-of-the-art solutions meeting investors’ expectations in terms of optimizing operational costs. What is more, SolarCool fits in our company’s mission that promotes human and environment friendly solutions. Reduction in electric energy consumption and supporting technologies based on renewable energy sources means following the idea of being environmentally friendly that is so close to our hearts – argues Mrs Ewa Pilarska – Marketing and PR Director in KLIMA-THERM Group.

Cooling and heating systems supported with a SolarCool installation are successfully applied all around the world. Only in the last three years SolarCool has been implemented in over 6,000 commercial facilities. Some of the numerous recipients of this technology were such global concerns and companies as Sodexo, Texaco, PizzaHut, Budweiser or government organizations i.e. the Ministry of Defence of Great Britain. KLIMA-THERM Group is the exclusive distributor of SolarCool technology in the Polish market.

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