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Stylish Fujitsu air conditioners receive the prestigious “Red Dot Award 2020”

Added on: 07.04.2020
Two of the newest Fujitsu products – the KRTA ceiling unit and the Nocria SV series of wall-mounted units – have been recognised with one of the world’s most renowned design awards: Red Dot Design. This prestigious award is given only to products which combine their unique look and exceptional design with the highest quality of workmanship and the functionality of the solutions applied. One of the winning products – the ceiling air conditioning unit – is now available as part of Klima-Therm’s product portfolio.

The Red Dot Design Award is an international design award handed out by the German design organisation, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, and is one of the world’s three major design awards along with the iF Design Award (Germany) and IDEA International Design Excellence Awards (USA). This year, more than 6,500 designs from across the world have been submitted in the bid to achieve recognition.

One of the products acknowledged by the Red Dot Award 2020 jury is the Fujitsu ceiling type air conditioning indoor unit with model number ABYG18-54KRTA, designed for commercial use. Its design was based on an analysis of installation criteria typical for shops and offices. The round curves of the unit’s casing, seen from any angle, result in an exceptionally stylish and aesthetic look, even if the air conditioner is not integrated with the ceiling. The lack of visible joints on the casing gives the impression of lightness – both from the side and from the front. The large opening front panel contributes to the unit’s attractive look and enables its easy servicing, simplifying its periodic maintenance inspections. The KRTA air conditioning unit is already available in Poland as part of Klima-Therm’s current product range.

The jury of this year’s Red Dot Awards also recognised the wall-mounted air conditioner from the Nocria SV series. This unit is dedicated to home use and intended exclusively for the Japanese market. The product is distinguished by a compact casing with a width under 70 cm and a height under 25 cm. With a fabric-like surface and rounded shape, the air conditioning unit is unique for its simplicity and stunningly elegant lines.

The two Red Dot Awards in the Product Design 2020 category for Fujitsu General Ltd. are not the first awards that the Japanese company received as part of this acclaimed competition – Fujitsu received the first-ever Red Dot Award in 2012 for its LT series of wall-mounted air conditioners. It should be emphasised that apart from the highly distinctive product design, many other evaluation criteria are taken into account, such as innovation, functionality, quality, ergonomics, durability and care for the natural environment.

Fujitsu continues to expand its line of TOP & Design units, as this is one of the manufacturer’s dominant directions of its R&D strategy. On the Polish market, Klima-Therm offers several models from this group of products – in addition to the KR series, these are KG, KX, LU and LT units. The TOP & Design series is an excellent choice for customers who pay particular attention to the aesthetic value of the equipment they wish to purchase. These units are dedicated to modern spaces, where both technical and aesthetic aspects are of equal concern.

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