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Thailand with FUJITSU – a grand prize in the 11th edition of the 'Poznaj Klimat' programme

Added on: 08.03.2023
At the beginning of March, Klima-Therm launched the 11th edition of the 'Poznaj Klimat' programme addressed to the company's commercial partners. The 2023 edition has the slogan 'Thai Thai with Fujitsu'. This time, the Fujitsu Authorized Distributors who prove to be the most active buyers will receive an invitation to embark on an exclusive getaway to Thailand, which is one of the two grand prizes included in the programme. As ever, all the participants are provided with access to attractive promotions on Fujitsu devices and have a chance of winning valuable non-cash prizes from the wide range of products offered by the Fujitsu e-store.


'Poznaj Klimat' is Klima-Therm's own project, which has been running since 2013 with incredible success. The programme aims to provide sales support in relation to Fujitsu devices and motivate commercial partners to make regular purchases which earn them points


All registered participants of 'Poznaj Klimat' – Authorized Distributors and Authorized Service Partners (ASP) of the Fujitsu brand – will receive exclusive access to product discounts and will have the opportunity to choose prizes from the company's online store, which offers hundreds of consumer electronics and household appliances, company merchandise and various leisure activity services. Fujitsu Distributors will also be able to participate in an exciting competition to win grand prizes – holidays of a lifetime to the most exotic places in the world. For the group of almost 50 winners, the 2023 edition of the programme offers two exotic all-inclusive holidays to Thailand – which this year's name of the programme 'Thai Thai with Fujitsu' alludes to, and trips to southern Spain.


- 'Over the course of ten years of running the 'Poznaj Klimat' programme, expeditions of a lifetime to the most fascinating corners of the world have become a tradition and the main distinguishing feature of the Fujitsu Programme' – emphasises Ewa Pilarska, PR & Marketing Director at Klima-Therm Group and adds: 'In the opinion of our clients, overseas trips are the most desirable and even anticipated type of grand prizes awarded to competition winners. This makes us all the more proud to be able to offer to our Fujitsu sales partners, in each successive edition of the programme, destinations which encourage active participation and ensure the superior quality with which the Fujitsu brand is identified.


The Fujitsu partner programme has a dedicated website www.poznaj-klimat.pl – created and developed by Klima-Therm Group's programmers. The platform allows monitoring the individual point scores of each participant and viewing the collective rankings. The platform is also a practical tool providing quick access to the most important information about the equipment purchased as part of the programme. It also offers a range of additional benefits, such as downloading sales documents and technical documentation, as well as generating certificates of warranty online. The platform can also be used to exchange the points collected in the programme for attractive non-cash prizes.


The 11th edition of the 'Poznaj Klimat' programme was launched on 1 March and will run till the end of 2023. The programme is open to all companies with a valid authorization certificate for products manufactured by the Japanese Fujitsu brand.