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The “American Dream” trip – Klima-Therm Group recognises its best salespeople

Added on: 19.04.2019
In April, the best salesmen of Klima-Therm Group took part in a week-long, exclusive trip to the West Coast of the USA. The extensive schedule of attractions, centred around Los Angeles and Las Vegas, was accompanied by a panel of product and sales training courses.


The “American Dream” trip was focused on training and had a motivational character. The trip to the USA, with an exceptionally busy itinerary, was a recognition of the best technical and commercial advisers for Klima-Therm and Klimor for their outstanding sales results in recent years, as well as an opportunity to expand their know-how in effective sales techniques.


The goal of the trip were the southwestern states of the USA: California, Nevada and Arizona. The extensive program included the famous Universal Studios film theme park in Hollywood and a trip to Grand Canyon combined with a scenic flight over the Colorado Plateau.


- The success of our company is dependent on individual people. It is their hard work and motivation that allows us to achieve our business goals. Therefore, we are proud to have some non-standard tools to recognise the best salespersons of Klima-Therm Group, namely regular trips to exceptional destinations – Thailand, the Caribbean, Japan, and this year to the United States – explains Andrzej Walendowicz, Vice-President of the Board and Sales Director of Klima-Therm Group, and adds – Training and incentive trips to remote corners of the world are a unique form of building the employer’s brand, which, I firmly believe, is a special form of encouragement to undertake ambitious sales challenges.


The “American Dream” expedition to the West Coast of the USA took place on 10-16 April 2019. The participants were a group of several dozen technical and commercial advisers representing the affiliated Klima-Therm and Klimor enterprises.