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The Klima-Therm Group has presented the results for the operating year of 2021

Added on: 20.07.2022
The Klima-Therm Group closed the trading year of 2021 with record revenues amounting to PLN 548 million, which means an increase of its turnover by PLN 109 million year to year. The company presented the summary of the key financial indicators along with the consolidated report in the form of the “2021 Annual Report.” The newest cyclical publication also comprises extensive materials about the ongoing operation of the Group - in Poland and abroad.


In spite of the exceptionally adverse circumstances caused by the pandemic, such as the high inflation or the severed supply chains, the year 2021 has turned out to be a year of positive results for the Klima-Therm Group. After a weakened dynamic of revenue growth in 2020, the company ended the year 2021 with sales on the level of PN 548 million, which is 25% higher year to year and - at the same time - the highest result in the Group's history. In the published “2021 Annual Report”, we can also read that the Klima-Therm Group has significantly (by as much as 42%) improved its net result, while its EBIT grew twice.


- “The results earned were affected by the very high demand, both on the market of small air-conditioning and ventilation equipment and large systems - executed primarily for the previously ‘frozen’ projects,” claims Daniel Jaśkiewicz, President of the Management Board in the Klima-Therm Group. “The highest (double) growths were recorded in the segments of equipment from the Renewable Energy Sources category. This is a great success because the aftermath of heat pump sales has allowed us to build a separate trade structure and expand the portfolio onto new prospective solutions. Export has also had a great share in the dynamic of our sale; all of our distribution companies in Europe recorded growths, while Klimor USA has greatly intensified the sale of air handling units to the particularly demanding markets of Northern America,” adds Daniel Jaśkiewicz.


The “Annual Report” is a cyclically published material of corporate character, where the company summarises the past trading year in the form of an abbreviated report, consolidated for a group of entities forming a part of the Klima-Therm Group, along with the discussion of the results of operating activities, key business indicators and presentation of the enterprise’s development plans.


You are heartily welcome to read the full content of the publication of the Klima-Therm Group, “2021 Annual Report.”