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The most interesting projects in 2014 with KLIMA-THERM S.A. units

Added on: 22.01.2015

In 2014 KLIMA-THERMS.A. company has supplied its customers with many different solutions of the most renowned providers as FUJITSU GENERAL, SABIANA and KLIMA-THERM by Clint within the scope of comfort air-conditioning, air-conditioning systems for cooling, heating and air purification processes. The overall investment volumes that cover products from KLIMA-THERM portfolio compared to the preceding year has practically increased by 20%, and the most interesting ones will become the subsequent projects, that will be recorded on the company’s list of references.


Amongst unusual and interesting objects using air-conditioning and ventilation systems provided by KLIMA-THERM, there certainly is the new Railway Station in Sopot, where KLIMA-THERM by Clint brand air-conditioning systems are installed of total power of nearly 1,2 mW, which consist of 8 condensing units and liquid chiller for remote condensing. It is worth noting that the units will operate with the air handling units from KLIMOR, which is the member of the KLIMA-THERM GROUP. Another investment is The General Staff of the Polish Army in Warsaw, provided with 8 VRF FUJITSU Airstage V-II outdoor units and 144 wall mounted indoor units. Another project is a building transformed into the XXI Century Media Library in Tychy with performance-conference hall, including 7 FUJITSU Airstage V-II systems and also KLIMA-THERM by Clint liquid chiller designed for operation with air handling unit.


In the office industry, amongst prestigious projects there is Olivia Business Centre (OBC) in Gdansk – a business and office centre with the highest AA class standard. It is planned for the Olivia SIX to deliver a system of 5 liquid chillers in the heat pump version with the overall capacity of 600 kW. In this object the units will also operate with air handling units’ exchangers from KLIMOR. Another noteworthy investment is the West Gate office building in Wroclaw, where the investor by emphasizing the modern and energy efficiency aspect of the building, has decided to install 4 liquid chillers KLIMA-THERM by Clint as well as 812 SABIANA fan-coils of overall cooling capacity exceeding 2,2 mW.





Public use investments equipped with units from KLIMA-THERM offer include among others Province Office Building in Katowice with the FUJITSU Airstage VRF V-II air-conditioning system and FUJITSU SPLIT type air-conditioners, comprising 11 outdoor units and 177 cassette indoor units. Oncology Center in Lublin is equipped with FUJITSU Airstage J-II and V-II air-conditioning systems comprising 118 indoor units and 12 outdoor units. There is also installed a liquid chiller designed to operate with air handling units and FUJITSU SPLIT and MULTI SPLIT type air-conditioners. Total cooling capacity of the supplied units amounts nearly 2,5 mW.


Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ is one of the most interesting projects in the academic and research sector, where cooling systems have been delivered, comprising 6 liquid chillers for the office and technological part and the server room, where FUJITSU air-conditioners are also used. Total cooling capacity will amount over 3,5 mW, including a unit with capacity exceeding 1 mW. Another investment which uses products from KLIMA-THERM portfolio is The Faculty of Modern Languages and The Rector’s office at University of Gdansk, equippedwith 9 comfort air-conditioning systems of FUJITSU VRF Airstage V-II i J-II with 13 outdoor units in the heat pump version and 137 indoor units. There are also installed FUJITSU SPLIT type systems intended for technical rooms.


„2014 was very successful for KLIMA-THERM Company, where the offer enriched with SABIANA brand units and FUJITSU Airstage J-IIS series units, excellently suited among others for residential sector or historical buildings, has been met with broad interest. We are glad that products from the company’s portfolio find application in realizations from different sectors and that the amount of possessed investments is rising. We are convinced that 2015 will be an equally good year, especially because from spring of 2015 the company’s offer will include a new series of VRF systems with variable refrigerant flow – FUJITSU Airstage V-III”; summarizes Andrzej Walendowicz, the Commercial Director of KLIMA-THERM S.A.