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Thermica heat pumps – Energy-efficient technology for multifamily residential buildings

Added on: 02.11.2022
In October, Klima-Therm took part in a seminar entitled "Economy and energy efficiency. Elements of environmental determinant factors in communities and housing developments – today and tomorrow." The event, organised in the town of Nałęczów by the Polish Housing Association Lublin, focused on the advantages of using Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in heating and energy systems, including high-power heat pumps.


The seminar, under the honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Lubelskie Province, brought together the community of entrepreneurs, CEOs as well as property managers and local government officials. The lectures focused on RES technologies – methods and techniques for benefiting the environment through the reduction of the global warming potential. The event also included an extensive discussion on using green heat sources, such as heat pumps and photovoltaic installations, and methods of saving electricity in street lighting systems.

Klima-Therm, invited to participate in the event as a content partner, was represented by Łukasz Bieńkowski, Product Manager and specialist in chilled water systems and high-power heat pumps. The lecture topic was Thermica heat pumps – one of the latest products in the company's portfolio, dedicated to multifamily residential buildings. The expert representing Klima-Therm introduced the seminar participants to the concepts of primary energy, final energy and useful energy – the main indicators included in energy performance certificates for buildings, and then showcased the Thermica technology, which perfectly complies with the assumptions of energy efficiency in buildings:

- "The energy performance of a building defines the quality of the building as measured by its energy demand for heating, ventilation, preparation of domestic hot water, as well as air conditioning and lighting. The lower the building's primary energy factor, or EP index, the higher the energy efficiency rating of the building. Thermica heat pumps help achieve this goal, as they are an excellent heat source that uses air as a renewable energy source to extract thermal energy and return it to the building, ultimately compensating heat losses." – explained Łukasz Bieńkowski, Product Manager at Klima-Therm.

Thermica is a high-power heat pump designed for buildings with medium to high heat demand. The pump is recommended for use in multifamily residential buildings as well as in public facilities, shops, showrooms, warehouses, production areas and also in healthcare. Thanks to a wide range of heating and cooling capacities, in addition to the possibility of using a cascade of heat pumps, the Thermica system can be adapted to almost any type of building. Thermica can be used solely to heat domestic hot water and to provide central heating to the building.

The seminar in Nałęczów was organised by the Polish Housing Association Lublin – a non-governmental organisation which has been active since 1996. The Association aims to develop and propagate knowledge about issues related to housing and methods of solving them, and also focuses on protecting the environment and culture in residential areas.