What is a fan coil unit?

A fan coil unit is a device designed to maintain the desired room temperature.


In contrast to conventional air conditioners, temperature comfort in rooms is ensured by water (in some cases it may be an antifreeze, e.g. glycol). Depending on the chosen temperature control method, fan coil units can be used for either cooling or heating, or as a combination of these functions, i.e. both heating and cooling.

What is a fan coil unit?

Depending on their type:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Ducted
  • Cassette
  • Floor
  • Universal


Depending on the number of heat exchangers

  • Two-pipe (with one exchanger)
  • Four-pipe (with two exchangers)


The design of a fan coil unit is relatively simple, as it consists of a heat exchanger to which the cooling and heating medium is supplied, a fan allowing the distribution of heat treated air, a control valve supplying the medium in the appropriate quantities and a controller managing the operation of the device.