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YANMAR gas powered heat pumps - a new product included in the offer of KLIMA-THERM

Added on: 28.04.2016

KLIMA-THERM has introduced a new group of heating and air conditioning devices into its portfolio. The new gas powered heat pumps by Yanmar – a Japanese brand, enable reduction of a HVACR system’s electric energy demand by as much as 90%. KLIMA-THERM, for the new YANMAR product, received the statue of LIDER INSTALACJI 2016 /2016 INSTALLATION LEADER/ awarded in one of industry competitions organized by the MEDIUM Group and the office of ‘Rynek Instalacyjny’ /’Installation Market’/ magazine during a ceremony held on the INSTALACJE fair in Poznań on 25th April.

The GHP Gas powered Heat Pump by YANMAR is an energy saving solution applied in the process of generating heat and cold in direct evaporation systems (VRF systems) as well as systems based on ice water units. The device is a multi-split type system with a single outdoor unit equipped with a gas powered motor and connected to some indoor units that can be supplemented with a heat recovery system for powering e.g. a hot utility water tank. The key advantage of the YANMAR gas powered heat pump is its minimum demand for electric energy which is lower by as much as 90% in comparison with compressors applied in systems powered with traditional electric motors that is directly reflected in reduced electric energy consumption in the entire building. The unit is also characterized by its ability to maintain the nominal value of heating efficiency in low temperatures specific for our climatic zone.

- One of the most important tasks of a HVACR system’s designer is optimization understood as looking for an appropriate solution which takes into consideration both the global context i.e. environment protection, global or European trends in development and legal regulations as well as local conditions including media availability, local rules and regulations and investor’s needs and possibilities. That is why access to different technologies is incredibly important as it enables, from the perspective of securing thermodynamic needs of a particular building, equally efficient solutions applied in designed systems taking varied criteria into account. In such a context YANMAR gas powered heat pump constitutes a perfect supplement to the available sources of heat and cold and with an extensive gas network in Poland it additionally allows for maximum usage of the potential of this media – underlines Michał Zalewski – the Training Section Manager in KLIMA-THERM.


The introduction of the new product by KLIMA-THERM was accompanied by its very first trade success. On 25th April during the INSTALACJE fair held in Poznań, on the 3rd Heating Equipment Market Conference organized by SPIUG – Stowarzyszenie Producentów i Importerów Urządzeń Grzewczych /Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Heating Equipment/ the MEDIUM Group as well as the office of ‘Rynek Instalacyjny’ /’Installation Market’/ magazine awarded KLIMA-THERM with a prestigious title of ‘LIDER INSTALACJI 2016’ /’2016 INSTALLATION LEADER’/ in the ‘Ventilation and Air Conditioning’ category for the YANMAR gas powered heat pump.

- The LIDER INSTALACJI 2016 /2016 INSTALLATION LEADER/ competition promotes the best solutions in the installation trade awarding products which are innovative, technologically advanced, economical in terms of investment as well as beneficial to their users while being friendly towards natural and human environment – says Ewa Pilarska, the PR and Marketing Director in KLIMA-THERM Group who collected the statue of ‘LIDER INSTALACJI 2016’ /’2016 INSTALLATION LEADER’/ during the award ceremony on the Poznań fair. – We are proud of the fact of receiving the award which is a confirmation of top competences of KLIMA-THERM in the field of supplying state-of-the-art air conditioning solutions using renewable energy sources. It is hard to imagine a better introduction to sales of any new product and we would like to thank the competition jury for that – adds Mrs Ewa Pilarska.

Gas powered heat pumps by YANMAR are available in the current portfolio of air conditioning units distributed by KLIMA-THERM in Poland.