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Exotic Cape Verde – the second part of the Fujitsu Partner Programme final (2018)

Added on: 12.06.2019
In June, a group of Authorized Distributors spent a week-long all-inclusive holiday in Cape Verde, located 450 km from the coast of Africa. This trip, next to the recently completed expedition to China, formed a prize in the final of last year’s edition of the Fujitsu “Poznaj Klimat” Partner Program.


On 1-8 June this year, Klima-Therm invited the winners of the second prize in the “Poznaj Klimat” Program to embark on an all-inclusive trip to Cape Verde – located near the north-western coast of Africa.


The charming hotel Oasis Atlantico, situated on the island of Sal, was conducive to carefree relaxation, as it provided the guests with the highest standard of services.


White pristine beaches, the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the hidden treasures of coral reefs, mountains, wooded ravines and flat lunar plains – all these elements provided exceptionally favourable conditions and an opportunity for a wonderful rest. The holiday also included an excursion across the island, and a visit to a small fishing village, where the participants keenly observed the work of fishermen and admired various types of aquatic vertebrates, including species of fish which are completely unknown in our part of the world. The time spent with the local residents, who are cordial, hospitable and full of smiles despite their difficult living conditions, and staying on an island which has not been contaminated by civilisation, are the most priceless memories with which the guests of the trip organised by Klima-Therm came back home.


A catamaran cruise – a water trip along the Santa Maria coast, during which the participants had time for carefree swimming and snorkelling, was another interesting attraction which was provided for the best clients of the company!


We would like to thank all the award-winning Fujitsu Partners for a successful year of 2018! At the same time, all Distributors are strongly encouraged to actively participate in this year’s edition of the “Poznaj Klimat – BIG BLUE Conference”! Soon, we will meet as part of the TOP 100 group – at a conference, which for the first time will have a completely new formula – it will be held in Crete! – sums up Przemysław Kukowski, Deputy Commercial Director.


More information on the current Fujitsu Sales Support Programme 2019 Edition, which runs under the slogan “BIG BLUE Conference”: LINK