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Mexican final of FUJITSU 'Poznaj Klimat' programme

Added on: 01.12.2022
This November, Klima-Therm invited a group of more than 20 FUJITSU distributors to embark on a Mexican adventure lasting almost 10 days. The trip was one of the grand prizes in the 2021 edition of the FUJITSU Sales Support Programme "Poznaj Klimat" entitled "Viva Mexico!".


The grand finale of "Viva Mexico!" took place between 17 and 25 November. An invitation to Mexico was issued to the distributors of FUJITSU air conditioners and heat pumps who took the top spots in the sales ranking of last year's 9th edition of the "Poznaj Klimat" partner programme, which has been organised by Klima-Therm continuously for the last ten years.


The famous Playa del Carmen resort, located in the sunniest region of Mexico south of Cancun – the Riviera Maya – was used as the base for trips aimed at discovering the history and culture of the first Aztec, Mayan and Toltec civilisations. A carefree holiday on the Yucatán Peninsula was made absolutely special by the emerald waters of the Caribbean Sea, stunning beaches, excellent cuisine and the luxurious infrastructure of the five-star hotel forming part of the renowned Iberostar chain.

The winners of the "Poznaj Klimat" programme were provided with numerous attractions during their stay in Mexico, such as a trip to the pre-Columbian city of Chichen Itza, with its world-famous Pyramid of Kukulkan, or an outing to the iconic Tulum, a picturesque archaeological destination situated on top of a coastal cliff. Klima-Therm's business partners also had the opportunity to try snorkelling in the Gran Cenote cave, while during the Mexican evening they went on a wooden gondola cruise and enjoyed a celebratory dinner to the accompaniment of a mariachi band.


The second main prize in the 2021 edition of the FUJITSU Sales Support Programme was a trip to the Greek island of Rhodes organised by Klima-Therm in September this year. The beginning of March 2022 saw the launch of the 10th edition of the "Poznaj Klimat" programme under the title "Vamos España!". The current jubilee edition of the programme promises a unique holiday of a lifetime on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria.


In addition to the main prizes, which take the form of holidays in the most attractive parts of the world, the programme offers its participants a wide selection of prizes from the e-store, which contains hundreds of products and unconventional ways to spend free time. Moreover, thanks to the dedicated platform www.poznaj-klimat.pl, Authorized Distributors and Authorized Service Providers (ASP) gain a practical tool to quickly access the most important information about the equipment purchased through the programme and a number of additional functions for downloading documentation and generating guarantee certificates online.


For more information about the programme, visit: www.poznaj-klimat.pl