Fan coils

& radiation panels


Fan coil units are end-of-line units of chilled water systems, which are responsible for temperature control in rooms. We use fan coil units in houses and apartments, offices, commercial and service facilities, production halls, and on ships.

Radiation panels are a perfect solution for large production halls and warehouses, sports halls and showrooms.

Dedicated models

Sabiana adapts its solutions to the requirements of specific rooms by developing dedicated designs. For standard solutions, models for installation underneath windows or enclosed models with electrostatic filters for sanitary facilities, cassette models for open spaces and models which use the coanda effect for longer rooms.

Advanced management

Sabiana units can controlled in many different ways. Locally via wired or wireless controllers, collectively by controlling several fan coil units using a single controller, centrally via the factory-fitted SABIANET or BMS system. The FREE Sabiana radio control system is also available.