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Free Sabiana system

Klima-Therm by Sabiana
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Air conditioning configurator

Air conditioning configurator

Free Sabiana is an innovative, fully wireless, electronic system, designed to operate with fan coil units using radio communication.


The technology used provides installation flexibility and more accurate measurement of room temperature. The sensor can be moved until the most suitable position is found, without worrying about changes in the room layout and its furniture, and also without having to mount it on a wall. If a new fan coil unit is added, no electrical wiring for the control system is required: only the control unit and the probe which regulates it needs to be defined. The improved measurement accuracy is a result of the possibility to position the sensor near the user location: this enables to keep the temperature exactly at the required value with more energy savings when compared with a conventional measurement system.

  • Central control
  • 2-years warranty
  • Wireless control
  • Radio communication
  • Weekly program
  • Multiple additional functions
Wireless control system Free Sabiana


Main elements

- The remote controller is equipped with a panel and LCD display for mounting on the wall or a special table stand. It allows to set fan coils in a variety of configurations. Controller is powered by batteries. The temperature and the speed of the fan are set using a large & oacute button and a user-friendly graphical interface.

- The control module is mounted in a fan coil (fan coil interface). It regulates the work of the fan and the valve in the fan coil. The control module connects to the power supply. The control module receives the information necessary for remote and local fan coil control, eg temperature on the exchanger.

- The room thermostat is suitable for wall mounting or on a special table stand. The purpose of the battery-powered sensor is to measure the air temperature in the place of its assembly, generate information about the temperature, which is transferred to other devices.


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